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Soon, Islamabad will have a brand-new food street similar to Dubai and Baku.

Soon, Islamabad will have a brand-new food street similar to Dubai and Baku.

To provide people more and peaceful green spaces, recreational areas and a better place to eat, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced its planning to build new areas and an international level food street in Islamabad.

Through this plan, the government aims to improve the city’s overall standard of living. Read the details below to learn more about this recently revealed food street modeling.

An Overview:

Islamabad is going to soon have a brand-new food street that is projected to have similarities with the well-liked food streets in Dubai and Baku. The project is currently in the planning stages and should be finished soon.

Pakistani, Chinese, Turkish, Italian, and other regional cuisines will be available on the food street, which is being constructed in various parts of Islamabad. It will be a one-stop location for foodies and tourists alike, offering the chance to sample various gastronomic pleasures.

The effort aims to increase local employment customers and the local economy. Additionally, it will draw tourists from across the nation and help in promoting tourism in the city. The food strip will feature outdoor seating areas and an energetic environment to provide a distinctive dining experience. It will be the ideal setting for mingling with loved ones and sharing delicious food and drinks.

Overall, the new food street in Islamabad is set to be a welcome addition to the city’s culinary scene and is expected to attract both locals and tourists alike.

Islamabad is growing closer to being a metropolis of the highest order as a result of the CDA’s potential development of this first-rate food promenade. The government is promoting regional tourism and giving the food industry new business options as part of this strategy. Capital Walk Street will surely become a must-visit location for foodies and tourists alike because of its beautiful surroundings and excellent facilities.

Therefore, if you want to try different food items on the level of Dubai and Baku, it will be beneficial for you to enjoy this food street in Islamabad. It can be only a few miles away from your location and whenever you want to enjoy the Dubai and Baku-style food street, just visit this food street in Islamabad. 

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