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Plots For Sale In Soan Garden Islamabad

Soan Gardens is a luxurious residential society located in the heart of Islamabad, Pakistan. It is a well- planned and beautifully designed society offering all necessities and facilities to its residents. The society has become one of the most popular residential areas in Islamabad due to its prime location, top-notch security, and well-maintained infrastructure. There are many plots for sale in Soan Gardens and you can easily find one that suits your needs.

One of the most attractive features of Soan Gardens is the availability of plots for sale, which provides an opportunity for individuals to build their dream homes in this sought-after neighborhood.

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The society offers a large variety of plot sizes that cater to the needs and budgets of any range of buyers. The available plot sizes range from 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 kanal, and 2 Kanal. These plots are situated in various blocks of society, with each block having its unique charm and amenities.

Small families who do not need too much space will find the 5 marla plots to be perfect. The 5-marla plots are perfect for small families who are looking for a compact living space. These plots are located in blocks A, B, C, and D of Soan Gardens, and are ideal for those who want to build a modest home with all necessary facilities.

10 marla plots are always considered too small, however, in Soan Gardens the 10 marla plots aren’t too small either. The 10-marla plots are slightly larger and are located in blocks E, F, and G. These plots are suitable for medium-sized families who want to make a home as per their own preference.

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The 1 and 2 kanal plots are the largest plots available in Soan Gardens and are situated in Block H, I, and

  1. These plots are perfect for large families who require big living spaces to accommodate their families. These plots offer enough space for large gardens, parking, and other outdoor activities.

Something that most societies do not immediately provide is the basic necessities such as electricity, water supply, and gas connection. However, Soan Gardens is equipped with basic necessities such as electricity, water supply, and gas connections. The society also has excellent infrastructure, with well- maintained roads, parks, and playgrounds. Providing top-notch security with security personnel who patrol the area 24/7 and ensure the safety of its residents.

Location, Location, Location! All that matters in the real estate world is the location and Soan Gardens is located in a perfect spot not too close to the hustle and bustle of the city yet not too far from it. The society is located on the Islamabad Expressway, making it easily accessible from all parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. All of the important landmarks such as the Islamabad International Airport, the Centaurus Mall, and the Islamabad Stock Exchange are nearby and easily accessible.

Soan Gardens is a well-established society with a great future ahead. As the development of society is on its way there is much to come that will end up fulfilling all the needs of the prospective buyers and builders. It provides an equal opportunity for investors and home builders to buy a plot and build their homes or to buy a plot for a commercial purpose. It is a reputable residential area that makes it a safe and secure place to live. The demand for plots in Soan Gardens is high, and prices are expected to

appreciate over time. So, let’s not wait and let all the good plots be taken before you take a step. Start your search right away. Why wait in buying a plot in a beautiful and well-maintained residential society.

Soan Gardens is an excellent residential society that offers a range of plots for sale. The available plots are in a prime location for all kinds of buyers interested in building their dream homes in luxurious and secure neighborhoods. With its prime location, top-notch security, and excellent infrastructure, Soan Gardens is a highly sought-after society for everyone.

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